1950's Abstract lithograph handwritten, "epreuve d'artiste, VII/XXV", handsigned Guanse. 1950's African (Ghana) hairdresser signboard 1950's Unframed Mediterranean scene at Hierre, Cote d'Azur, France, oil on canvas, signed A. Piot 54 Landscape abstract painting, oil on board, signed 3.7.1976 1960's Belgian abstract painting, oil on board, signed Boulmant 1961 1950's Wall tapestry, with woven signature 1950's French or Belgian abstract painting 1950's French ceramic green glazed wall mask 1970's Australian wall clock in green & bronze enamel on copper with vertical steel rods Abstract painting, oil on canvas, titled "Sweet Phobias", signed and dated by Australian artist John Sandler August 1969